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In its 11th year, Must See New York (MSNY) offers a wide breadth of information for anyone planning a visit to NYC. Visitors to our site express a strong interest in accommodations, attractions, tours, theater and city transportation topics as well as general city information that includes maps and neighborhood information.

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1. MSNY reserves the right to limit or refrain from running any advertising that is detrimental to user experience. A banner can be deemed "detrimental" for either technical and/or content reasons.
2. No adult product ads of any kind.
3. No misleading advertisements.
4. Text-link formatted messages will be subject to space limitations determined by MSNY
5. Additional charges may be assessed if the files do not meet specs and need to be reformatted by MSNY.
6. MSNY reserves the right to reject any creative that exceeds reasonable file sizes.
7. Creative must meet all banner specifications.
8. Banners submitted may be size-adjusted to avoid ad-blocker software impact.


Hotel Section
Listing in Hotel Specials Box may be billed on a pay-per-click basis @ CALL FOR RATE.
Right-side all hotel pages
Listed on Specials page
Featured Hotel Ad @ $100/month & up
Left-side feature on one hotel guide page
One full-size banner position
Left-side feature on one neighborhood page
Exclusive Banner Header Ad @ $150/month & up
Top of page throughout the hotel category pages

Dining Section
Basic Listing in Featured Section of one Neighborhood Dining Guide with web link $49 per year
Expanded Listing in Featured Section of one Neighborhood Dining Guide with web link and promotional description $99 per year
Exclusive Banner Header Ad @ $150/month (top of page throughout the dining category pages)

Theatre Section
Featured Theatre @ $150/ month includes the following:
Top of right-side column of all Theatre pages
Featured position on What’s Playing page
Featured position on Theatre District Map page
Featured position on Theatres Category page.
Exclusive Banner Header Ad @ $100/month (Top of page throughout the Theatre category pages)

Transportation Section
Featured Business @ $100/ month
Top of left-side of all Transportation & Tours pages
Exclusive Banner Header Ad @ $75/month
Top of page throughout the Transportation & Tours pages)

Convention Events
Basic Event Listing with web link (one-year subscription) @ $99
Expanded Event Listing with graphic (one-year subscription) @ $149


  • A setup charge equal to one-month’s fee is added to all monthly fee-based published rates.
  • Full payment is due prior to the start of each ad campaign.
  • All campaigns have a 3-month minimum term.
  • All creatives must be submitted at least one week prior to campaign start date.
  • All linking url’s must be submitted one week prior to campaign start date.
  • MSNY will provide monthly totals of clickthrough data quarterly, otherwise it will be provided per renewal period.

Ads which do not allow MSNY click tracking may be charged at higher rates.

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