New York City Luxury Hotels Map

Interactive Map of Manhattan Luxury Hotels
Our map includes many of the top-quality hotel choices in New York City. See our list of NYC luxury hotels
You can link directly to the hotels reservation page by clicking on the hotel name in the information window that pops-up when you select a hotel marker. 

To start, click on the > Legend arrow on the map to identify the star-rating key for the map.                         
Purple markers are 5-Stars, Red markers are e 4.5-Stars & Green markers are 4-Stars.

You can zoom this hotel map in and out; you can reposition it by dragging it with your mouse.

CommunityWalk Map - New York City's Luxury Hotels Map

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Note: This map does not reflect all the area hotels, just the hotels that participate in's discounted-rate program. It is the property of Must See New York and may not be copied or reproduced in any form for commercial use. Site visitors may print copies for their personal use only.

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